Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekend Fun

This weekend we traveled to Indiana and then down to Ohio to celebrate 3 Birthdays and an engagement! It was a lot of driving but worth the fun, and such a busy day!

The newly engaged couple, Marideth and Jesse!

Nataleigh is such a good girl and getting so big so quickly. She did great on the long car drive down, and only fussed for a while on the way home on Sunday.

Cousins Samuel and Nataleigh were so cute playing together. He kept calling her baby, baby! It was so cute.

They are adorable!! And Nataleigh is getting so strong, she can stand on her own now leaning up against things for a long time.

Nataleigh trying on some of her new Easter goodies, love the ears and new flower headband.

Sam was pretty excited about opening his Birthday presents. He turned 3 this month. We got him an outfit and the movie UP. He got some of the cutest outfits and little shoes too!! It is so fun watching kids open presents.

Jesse and Sam

It was a fun trip but I have been exhausted! I have slept so hard the past two nights that I have not been waking up to my alarm (Chris either!) and I have been running late getting ready and to work for the past two days, haha.


Care said...

Looks lie fun. Love the little ears and that headband! Too cute!

Rachel W. said...

How is it that I just discovered you had another blog!? Ha, I guess I'm a little behind. :-)

Anne said...

Hey Rachel...yeah I am bad about updating this one. Everything is "all about baby" right now so I mostly post on the other one! :)